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Why You May Have a Thinking Digital Twin Within a Decade

20 Jun 2022 8:19 AM | Anonymous

Most of us have been told by a friend that we have a doppelganger - some stranger they passed on the street who bore an uncanny resemblance to you. But imagine if you could create your very own twin, an exact copy of yourself, 

Scientists now say that may be possible within the next decade.

We are living in an age where everything that exists in the real world is being replicated digitally - our cities, our cars, our homes, and even ourselves.

And just like the hugely-hyped metaverse - plans for a virtual, digital world where an avatar of yourself would walk around - digital twins have become a new, talked-about tech trend.

A digital twin is an exact replica of something in the physical world, but with a unique mission - to help improve, or in some other way provide feedback to, the real-life version.

You can learn more in an article by Jane Wakefield published in the BBC News web site at:

I have two questions that pop to mind: Could I send my digital twin to the office at my place of employment every day? That way I could stay home and take every day off while my digital twin could earn a living for me!

Will genealogists record the digital twin as a member of the family?

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