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Photographer Gifts One Million Images That Help Tell the Story of Scotland

31 May 2022 10:29 AM | Anonymous

A highly-regarded Scottish photographer has donated more than one million of his images to a university archive with the collection capturing more than 30 years of the ways of a nation.

Mr Sutton-Hibbert, a founder member of the Document Scotland photography collective, added: “Today, people everywhere are taking photos on smartphones and publications and websites are using this content from the public.

“But the danger is if that photo is not being archived. Is that image going to be looked after in 50 years time? How will it be accessed? How will you find it, where will it be?

"There is a great need for photographers to work in a documentary fashion. That is why archives like St Andrews are so important for the nation.”

You can read more in an article by Alison Campsi published in the MSN News web site at:

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