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Book Review: The Foundlings

26 Apr 2022 4:14 PM | Anonymous

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

The Foundlings

By Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Published by the author. 2021. 252 pages.

Outside a small set of shops in Haywards Heath in West Sussex, a lone woman steps into a telephone box, sets down a large cloth shoulder bag, and within a few moments, walks away. She leaves the bag and an infant.

Nearly forty years later, Morton Farrier is drawn into the case of three children, foundlings, all similarly abandoned as babies, and the mysterious circumstances of who their mother might be. And as much as Farrier loves a good genealogical mystery, now the secrets are going to hit close to home as he determines that his own half-aunt Margaret may be connected to the unsettling events of long ago.

The revelations jump back and forth between chapters set in the past and those set in the present, but the back-and-forth style of writing doesn’t lose us, and the threads of the past and the present weave together as the tale proceeds.

Mr. Goodwin’s books never fail to please the reader who likes mystery fiction along with a healthy dose of genealogy tossed in. This is the ninth saga in The Forensic Genealogist series, and each is as pleasurable to read as the others.

The author has not lost his magic touch. The Foundlings is an easy read, an engaging read, and nice way to pass the time.

The Foundlings is available from the author at as well as from Amazon.

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