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6 Ways the Past Stank—Literally

21 Apr 2022 3:19 PM | Anonymous

Ah yes, the good old' days. Life was simpler back then... and smellier. Of course, that was before the days of sanitation laws, underarm deodorants, breath mints, and other modern marvels.

A.J. Jacobs has written an article that reminds us that perhaps the good ol' days perhaps were not quite as good as some of us may have imagined:

"It is my contention that the past stunk—both metaphorically and literally. It’s true: The past was a putrid place. The nostrils of our ancestors were constantly assaulted by unimaginable odors. It was like living your entire life in the men’s room at New York City’s Penn Station. Here are six reasons that you should be happy you and your nose live in modern times."

To read his article, hold your nose and then go to

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