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How to Unsubscribe from One EOGN.COM Email Message but Not the Other

6 Apr 2022 3:24 PM | Anonymous

I get questions occasionally about the two different email messages that I send out. I decided to write about the process here in the newsletter in case other people have questions about them:

There are TWO different newsletters: one that gets delivered 6 days a week (Tuesday through Sunday, if there are any new articles) plus a different email newsletter that gets delivered on Monday late morning or in the afternoon (Eastern U.S. time). 

The Monday newsletter is the only one that's first sentence says, "This is the once-a-week Email Update for all subscribers to Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter..."

The daily newsletters have a first sentence that says, "This is a daily email message that lists all the new articles..."

The two different email messages are sent by two different email servers and have two different lists of addresses to send them to. The two different email newsletters are not connected together in any way. You may subscribe to both or to one or the other or to none at all. Your choice.

In both cases, at the bottom of both newsletters, there is a link that says "UNSUBSCRIBE." On the newsletter you do not want, click on that link. That will stop that one newsletter and not affect the other one.

If you want to subscribe to the daily newsletters, go to

- Dick Eastman

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