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1950 U.S. Census Data to Be Unveiled Friday, After 72 Years Under Wraps

31 Mar 2022 10:36 AM | Anonymous

Just a quick reminder: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration will release the 1950 U.S. census records tomorrow (Friday) for the first time in 72 years. However, what is being released now is the raw (unedited and unindexed) data, not the nice and neat indexed data we have enjoyed in previous censuses (censi?). That comes later.

The 1950 US Census Community Project is a national collaborative effort that uses the Internet, artificial intelligence, and a massive volunteer workforce to make these census records searchable online. However, that will be built by the volunteers in the following weeks and will not be available tomorrow. In fact, YOU can help build these indexes.

The outcome of this amazing initiative benefits everyone. Not only will every page of the 1950 US census be digitally preserved forever (starting now), but the general public will soon have convenient access to volumes of rich historical information that could provide the missing links to their own family histories.

You can learn more about this voluntary indexing at:

and probably another dozen or more web sites. Use your favorite search engine to find them.

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