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Bill to Provide Adopted People Access to Birth Certificates Advances to Louisiana House

22 Mar 2022 9:02 AM | Anonymous

This is a follow-up to an article posted here last week at:

A Louisiana Legislature committee advanced a bill Monday that would give adopted people access to their birth certificates once they turn 24, despite concerns from abortion opponents that it would discourage birth mothers who want to remain anonymous.

Rep. Charles Owen, R-Leesville, R-Rosepine, brought his bill before the House Committee on Civil Law and Procedure last week, when a vote on the proposal was deferred. Ben Clapper with Louisiana Right to Life had asked Owen to consider an amendment that would require the birth mother’s consent to be identified. Owen and supporters of his bill have said identifying information is already successful through genealogy and DNA-tracking websites such as and

You can read more in an article by Greg Larose published in the Louisiana Illuminator at:

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