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Reclaim the Records! Offers the First-Ever Online Publication of the New Jersey Geographic Birth Index and the New Jersey Delayed Birth Index, 1901-1929

1 Dec 2021 8:02 AM | Anonymous

Our genealogy friends at Reclaim the Records have announced another victory: the first-ever online publication of the New Jersey Geographic birth index and the New Jersey delayed birth index, 1901-1929

The announcement from Reclaim the Records starts off as:

"Reclaim The Records - New Jersey Geographical Birth IndexTHESE 1.76 MILLION RECORDS ARE NOW ONLINE FOR FREE PUBLIC USE

"The New Jersey Geographical Birth Index (1901-1929) and the New Jersey Delayed Birth Index (1901-1929) are both now online at the Internet Archive.

"These records are currently only available in image format, as they were scanned from 94 reels of microfilm and have not yet had a text transcription project to turn their contents into a searchable database. However, the majority of both record sets were typed, and you should be able to use the Internet Archive’s built-in OCR capabilities to do a text-search of most of the images. Click the little magnifying glass on the far-left side of each item to do a “Search Inside.”

"Introducing the New Jersey Geographic Birth Index, 1901-1929! It’s the first-ever online publication of a twentieth century birth index from the Garden State, except for that time a few years ago when we got the 1901-1903 birth index and put that up, too. But this time around, we got the geographic birth index, which means that it’s a list of births that have been separated by county of birth, and sometimes by a major city within the county, and it’s not just a purely alphabetical list."

The full announcement is much longer and has pictures illustrating what is available online. You can read the full announcement at:

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