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New Zealand's National Library Signs 'Historic' Agreement to Donate 600,000 Books to Online Archive

12 Jul 2021 7:43 PM | Anonymous

New Zealand's National Library will donate 600,000 books that it was planning to cull from its overseas collection to a United States-based internet archive that will make digital copies of the works freely available online.

National Librarian Rachel Esson announced the “historic” agreement on Monday, saying books left at the end of the library’s review process would be donated to the Internet Archive, a digital library with the self-stated mission of universal access to all knowledge.

“This is a great outcome for us,” Esson said.

The agreement comes after months of controversy and uncertainty regarding the cull of the books, mostly written by non-Kiwi authors.

You can read all the details in an article by Andre Chumko published in the web site at:

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