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Ancestor Journeys: Broadening Your Family History Horizons

28 Jun 2021 8:02 AM | Anonymous

The following announcement was written by the Society of Genealogists and the Halsted Trust:

A convivial and virtual genealogy weekend hosted by the Society of Genealogists and the Halsted Trust.

Known for fun, fascinating and innovative genealogy conferences in the past, notably the 2018 Secret Lives Conference, the Halsted Trust and Society of Genealogists bring family historians together in an online environment in September 2021

The weekend will include talks by established genealogists and speakers new to the British genealogical community. In addition to breakout rooms for discussions and chat the event will conclude each day with a social zoom hangout where we can share a glass or two of wine or any beverage of choice (sadly BYO in this case).

Our speakers this year will focus on tracing women ancestors and wanderers – so often a challenge in our pedigrees and stories. Concentrating on sources and guidance for research we also have examples of studies that researched the lives of formidable women. We will look at how DNA cracked a seemingly impenetrable and confusing case. We will follow a search for itinerant ancestors across the US, China, India and Europe and the sources used to uncover their tangled lives. On the other side of the Pond we can discover the steps of a 17th century migrant from England as part of a transatlantic genealogical collaboration. Finally, we will establish how religious changes in the 16th century cause genealogical challenges for researchers lucky enough to take their family history that far.

You can read all the details, including a detailed list of all the sessions planned in this virtual genealogy conference on 4-5 September 2021, at:

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