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Uncovered: Indianapolis Women Search for Answers to Cold Cases

15 Jun 2021 2:40 PM | Anonymous

Ashlee Fujawa and Anna Eaglin hope people turn their interest in true crime stories into advocacy to help police and families find answers.

Two Indianapolis women have joined a team to help push information about cold cases involving missing and murdered victims.

Ashlee Fujawa and Anna Eaglin are co-founders of the interactive website "UNCOVERED." The pair is inviting the public to be part of an online version called

"We have always been interested in the genre of unsolved crimes, true crimes," said Fujawa.

The two friends, who met in college, have now made this their new mission in life. They are part of the team running a new website to help put some heat on cold cases.

"The more we got to talking about it, bringing it all credible information, verified information but then also pursuing it in a way people can consume better," Fujawa said.

Both women invite the public to join them at, where families can also submit cases they would like posted on the website.

The full article by Steve Jefferson and published in the WTHR web site may be found at:

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