Pictures from the RootsTech2017 conference held in Salt Lake City
IMG 20170209 134105  Need instructions? This was a collection of signs in front of the Salt Palace, the venue for RootsTech2017. IMG 20170208 161541  Think it was crowded at RootsTech2017? This is the line to register on Wednesday morning! IMG 20170208 150515 IMG 20170208 150610
IMG 20170208 161153 IMG 20170209 155811  The Discovery Zone specialized in helping family history newcomers although they certainly could help experienced genealogists as well. IMG 20170209 102623  Opening sessions were held in the large hall. IMG 20170209 081723  Wednesday morning's opening session. This picture only shows part of the audience! I need to obtain a wide angle lens to show everything.
IMG 20170209 081727  Another view of (part of) Wednesday morning's audience. IMG 20170209 103048  MyHeritage booth during one of the quieter moments IMG 20170211 105434  Buddy Valastro, an American celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and reality television personality of Italian heritage, meets some fans. He is perhaps best known as the star of the reality television series Cake Boss on the TLC network. IMG 20170209 103130
IMG 20170209 103052 IMG 20170210 110739  One of the many presentations made in the MyHeritage booth. IMG 20170210 144302 IMG 20170211 122052  Need to use a computer for a bit?
IMG 20170209 164609 IMG 20170210 144139 IMG 20170211 105521  One of the many presentations made in the Ancestry booth. IMG 20170209 103828
IMG 20170211 104840  This is a long line of people waiting to purchase the AncestryDNA kits. IMG 20170211 111356  One of many presentations in the FamilySearch booth. IMG 20170209 104036 IMG 20170211 105135  FamilyTreeDNA always has a very busy booth with people purchasing DNA kits.
IMG 20170209 104043 IMG 20170209 104111  Watching virtual reality. Notice the goggles. IMG 20170211 145417  One person engrossed in virtual reality. IMG 20170209 104132  MacKiev had a large booth with many live presentations showing advanced uses of Family Tree Maker
IMG 20170211 105721  Part of MacKiev's booth, dedicated to the new additions for Family Tree Maker, including Family Book Creator, Charting Companion, Family Photo Detective, Progeny Softwsare (family tree charts), and more. IMG 20170211 145807  Pierre Clouthier of Progeny Software shows off the capabilities of his genealogy charting products. IMG 20170209 104228 IMG 20170209 104455  Look at the size of that wall chart in the background!
IMG 20170209 104537 IMG 20170209 104611  Do you have French-Canadian ancestry? If so, talk to the folks from the Drouin Institutr. IMG 20170209 104753  Finnish genealogy research IMG 20170211 150019  Finnish genealogy research
IMG 20170209 104817  Ukrainian genealogy research IMG 20170209 105007  Paul from Eneclann certainly can give advice about researching your Irish ancestry. IMG 20170209 110731  Brian Donovan from Eneclann, the Irish genealogy experts and publishers, in the middle of one of his presentations. IMG 20170209 105050  Bella Italia Genealogy
IMG 20170211 145925  One of several companies offering assitance and information about Chinese genealogy. This is the booth of Jiangsu Qingtime Sci. &  Tech., Ltd. IMG 20170209 110417  Bill Nelson, winner of the top honors in the 2017 Innovator Showdown, walking away with $95,000 in cash and in-kind prizes for his app, OldNews. IMG 20170209 110814  The RootsTech Store sold t-shirts, book bags, and supplies. IMG 20170209 110828  Forever, a complete memory-keeping solution. This service will organize, share, and print your family photos and documents today. You can preserve your digital family photos forever.
IMG 20170209 111006  MooseRoots is a genealogy site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools. IMG 20170209 110913 IMG 20170209 111404 is a very popular web site based in France but with users all over the world. The site is especially useful for those who have ancestors in Europe. IMG 20170209 113807  Want free genealogy advice or assistance? The Coaches Corner ran all day, every day.
IMG 20170209 113857  One of my favorite web sites: IMG 20170209 113901  Another one of my favorite web sites. BackBlaze, the online backup service. BackBlaze offers online backups your Windows or Macintosh system of UNLIMITED size for only $5 a month. IMG 20170210 110455 IMG 20170209 133224  Gilad Japhet, CEO of MyHeritage, talks with a customer after his luncheon presentation.
IMG 20170209 154942 IMG 20170209 155008 IMG 20170209 155156  Unlock the Past offers books and even genealogy cruises. Check out the sign for a "landlocked" tour of Israel. IMG 20170209 155914  Winners of the People’s Choice ($25,000 cash and AWS credits), Kindex is an app designed to help users create searchable, shareable archives of family letters and other documents using tags to help users easily locate information.
IMG 20170209 155930 IMG 20170209 160313  Joyflips uses your cell phone or tablet to grab photos from anywhere: loose prints, photo albums or digital photos. IMG 20170209 160430  The brightest shirts at the conference were those of WikiTree. IMG 20170209 161452  LegacyTree, a well-known company of professional genealogists.
IMG 20170209 161546  Want to use a high-end scanner but cannot afford to purchase one? You can rent one from  E-Z Photo Scan. IMG 20170209 161653  Have your genealogy book scanned while you wait. IMG 20170209 161731 IMG 20170209 161745
IMG 20170209 163028  Have you hugged a (family) tree today? That's me with a walking tree from rootsfinder. rootsfinder tree  Did you ever see a happier tree? (Photo courtesy of Bobbi King.) IMG 20170211 143306  Love this outfit! IMG 20170210 160753
IMG 20170210 162033 IMG 20170210 162848  The Utah Genealogical Association. IMG 20170210 162710  SLIG - the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, sonsored by the Utah Genealogical Association. IMG 20170210 163435  RootsFinder may become one of the leading genealogy apps of our time. I hope to write about it soon.
IMG 20170211 145721  Would you like drawings or even cartoon strips to illustrate a story about your family tree? Check out this offering from IMG 20170211 145633  Cartoonist Emanuele Sabatino from Palermo, Italy, creates custom cartoons and even comic strips based on your family history, based on the location, customs, and clothing styles of the time. IMG 20170211 153523  Who has the craziest hat? That's me with Scott Fisher of Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show, available on the Web as well as on many radio stations around the country., IMG 20170211 153855
IMG 20170211 153837